Our Team.

Todd and Katharine Novak


Our school consulting services assist local and non - local families. Often students with learning differences need school placement support for private elementary, high school, or college preparatory school. We work with many private schools in the greater New Orleans area and are familiar with what schools have to offer for students. Having met in boarding school, we credit our interests in education to the experiences we had during those formative years. We also sent both of our children to boarding schools in New York and Connecticut. Looking for a learning environment and community that both challenges a student's strengths and supports weaknesses can be an important job. With having contacts at many schools, we guide families through their search and the admissions process. 

I struggled with dyslexia during a time when learning differences were poorly understood, and I experienced the persistent sense of neglect that follows students who learn differently, even in grad school. When my children were diagnosed with mild to moderate learning differences, I ensured they would receive the education they deserved, one that accommodated their individual learning needs, promoted their strengths, and fostered a growth mindset through college and beyond. I navigated each of my three children to successful school experiences at schools as varied as they are. My investigation of research-based teaching strategies and methods and the schools that use them provided the seeds for my career as a school consultant.

 I now help other families find schools that meet their children’s individual needs and allow them to flourish. Finding a school that is the right match for a child’s skills and personality is essential to their academic, social, and emotional growth. It is a highly individualized and intricate process; schools vary in size, rigor, levels of academic support, focus on human development, and extra-curricular opportunities. I can offer you experienced and empathetic guidance throughout the process.

Louise Kelso